Your Personal Advocate
in Getting a
Good Night's Sleep

The amount and quality of your sleep

affects not only how you function while awake

but your overall health and well being.

Education, guidance and counsel will be provided to you, along with tools to maintain

optimal sleep, treatment compliance,

health and longevity.

As your personal advocate, a customized sleep health program will be designed specifically for you.


"For more than two years before I met Sherie I was exhausted all day long. I knew something was wrong, but had no idea that I had a sleeping disorder. With Sherie's help I was able to identify the problem and find a solution. Sherie's input was absolutely invaluable!" 

  ~ Stuart M., Attorney, San Diego, CA 

"I always had a feeling that something wasn't quite right with my husbands snoring while sleeping.  Until I talked to Sherie, I did not understand the severity of the problem. I am so grateful for her wisdom, experience, and coaching. My husband has severe sleep apnea. Sherie has literally helped save his life!"  ~ Amy P., Business Owner, Tacoma, WA